NYS Ride

A Money-Saving Transportation Benefit
for NYS Employees and a Cleaner New York

Welcome to NYS-Ride

NYS-Ride is a negotiated benefit program sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) and administered by WageWorks, Inc., which provides New York State employees with the opportunity to pay for certain work-related transportation expenses on a pre-tax basis. NYS-Ride allows you to save money on your eligible transportation costs. You pay for these expenses through pre-tax payroll deductions and save money each month.

WageWorks purchases public transportation fare media (such as bus, subway and vanpool passes, and fare cards) from transit authorities and will mail your selected fare media directly to your home address. Or use your WageWorks Commuter Card.

WageWorks increased the biweekly payroll deduction for some employees from $127.50 to $130.00 beginning with the paycheck of 11/15/17. This change should have begun with the paycheck of 1/4/18. OSC has taken steps to correct the error and ensure that the 2017 Form W-2 is correct. You will receive a more detailed e-mail from us shortly. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 1-866-428-7781. Questions or concerns about the CDTA Navigator Card please call 1-866-428-7781.