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Getting Started

If you take public transportation to work, chances are it makes sense to participate in NYS-Ride. Before we review the details of how it works, here is some general information about eligibility, pre-tax monthly limits, and what you'll see on your biweekly pay stub if you participate in NYS-Ride.


The NYS-Ride program is available to employees of the Executive Branch, Unified Court System, and the
Senate. Part-time employees are eligible as long as their biweekly paychecks can support their NYS-Ride
deduction. For a complete eligibility list by negotiating unit, please click here or call (866) 428-7781
(TDD (866) 353-8058).

If you are newly hired and in an eligible negotiating unit, you can participate in NYS-Ride once you begin receiving regular biweekly paychecks from the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC). OSC must take two successive payroll deductions to fund your account, as shown in the schedule below, before WageWorks will order your commuter pass.


If you want to participate for the commuting month of... Your election deadline is 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time (ET) on... And you must have two successive payroll deductions to cover your order by...
January November 1 December 15
February December 1 January 15
March January 1 February 15
April February 1 March 15
May March 1 April 15
June April 1 May 15
July May 1 June 15
August June 1 July 15
September July 1 August 15
October August 1 September 15
November September 1 October 15
December October 1 November 15

Note: The election deadlines shown in the chart are for employees who use the NYS-Ride website. The automated telephone system accepts elections for a limited number of public transportation providers, order changes, and order cancellations. If you wish to make, change, or cancel your election by speaking to a WageWorks customer service representative, you must call earlier than 8 p.m. on the workday on or before the first of the month. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m.-8:00p.m. Eastern Time, except holidays.

Pre-Tax Monthly Limits

If you enroll in NYS-Ride, you can use pre-tax payroll purchases to offset the following monthly commuting

Commuting Expenses

Monthly Pre-Tax Limit

Eligible Mass Transit or
Vanpool Expenses
(IRS limit for 2020)

Note: The monthly pre-tax limits in NYS-Ride will automatically correct in the future to reflect any increases or decreases in the IRS limits.

WageWorks will provide you with whatever you need for your commute (transit passes, etc.) even if the cost
is over the pre-tax limit. If your monthly commuting expenses exceed the maximum limit allowed by the IRS, WageWorks can purchase the remainder of your commuting expenses through post-tax payroll deductions. If you prefer and your transit agency accepts split payment, you may make your post-tax purchase directly from your transit agency.

Biweekly Pay Stub Example*

Here's an example of how the pre-tax and post-tax orders will look on your biweekly pay stub for an employee who elects a $255 train pass and the 2020 IRS monthly pre-tax limit is $270.

The train pass is over the IRS limit of $270 for public transportation, so $270 will be purchased pre-tax, and
the remaining $0 will be ordered post-tax.

Your monthly pre-tax and post-tax breakdown:


Train Pass

Pre-tax $ 255
Post-tax $ 0

Your biweekly pay stub will show:



NYS-Ride Pre-tax $ 127.50
NYS-Ride Post-tax $ 0

*Based on the 2020 limit of $270

Tax Savings Examples

How much can you save by participating in NYS-Ride? It depends on your household income and how much you pay each month in eligible commuting expenses. The following examples show the tax advantage of making a $270 per month pre-tax purchase ($3,240 per year) through NYS-Ride. Your savings will depend on your actual pre-tax contributions and tax rates. To calculate your savings, click here.

New York State Employees


  Example 1 Example 2
Without NYS-Ride With NYS-Ride Without NYS-Ride With NYS-Ride
Family Income
(After Exemptions
& Deductions)
$40,000 $40,000 $75,000 $75,000
Pre-tax Commuter
Purchase (12
months @ $270)
$0 -$3,240 $0 -$3,240
Taxable Income $40,000 $36,760 $75,000 $71,760
Minus Payroll Taxes -$11,060 -$10,164 -$28,238 -$27,018
Expenses (Post-tax)
-$3,240 $0 -$3,240 $0
Your Income After
Taxes & Expenses
$25,700 $26,596 $43,523 $44,742
Annual Savings*
  $896   $1,220

*Savings shown are for illustrative purposes only. The examples assume 2020 tax rates. The taxpayer is married filing a joint return with 5 percent state and local income tax, 1.45 percent Medicare tax, 6.2 percent Social Security tax, and a 15 percent marginal federal income tax rate for Example 1 and a 25 percent marginal rate for Example 2. Your actual tax rates may vary.

Eligible Expenses

Most of the costs you incur traveling from your residence to work, or from work to your residence, for public transportation (mass transit and vanpools) are considered eligible commuting expenses under NYS-Ride. Your commuting expenses must also represent your normal commute between your residence and your place of work.

Below is a partial list of popular transit providers in New York. For a complete list of agencies, click here.

Broome County Transit
Brown Coach
Buffalo Metro
CNY Centro
Community Coach
Lake Champlain Ferry
MTA Long Island Rail Road
MTA Metro-North Railroad
NJ Transit Bus
NJ Transit Rail
NJ Transit Light Rail
NY Waterway Ferries
PATH Train
Shortline (CoachUSA)


Ineligible Expenses

The following transportation expenses are NOT eligible under the NYS-Ride program:

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